Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sacrament Meeting Today!!

I have been touched by the Spirit many times during church, but I loved the Spirit I felt today! The missionaries in the area were able to speak to us today. I didn't realize till about half way through of the feeling i had inside me. What a blessing in my life to have worthy Priesthood holders around me! I couldn't help but think today about my cousin on his mission in Alabama. Everything he has given up for the past two years, to be able to go to a foreign area ( to him) and teach the gospel. I am so thankful for his service to the Lord and to our family. I also couldn't help but think about my uncle that just passed away a couple months ago and the choices he made in his youth, to become a worthy priesthood holder, to go on a mission, and then to raise his family in the church to know of the gospel. How important it is in our every day lives to keep the commandments of God and the covenants we made with him when we were 8, and how are lives depend on our choices to get through this trial of life to reach our ultimate goal, to live with our Heavenly Father again. I'm grateful for my uncle, for the love he showed me, for the lessons he taught me, for his smiles, his love for me and most of all his love for Heavenly Father. His example shows all that knew him what he stood for up to the day he reached his ultimate goal. I'm thankful for his son, a full time missionary, who chose to step away from his life for two years to take care of the Lord's work. To bring more people to the gospel so their generations will follow their example. I'm grateful for my cousin and for his love in Christ just like his dad!

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