Saturday, July 17, 2010

Engagement Pics Round Two!!!!

Well what another crazy week1 We just finished our second round of engagement pictures and they went real well! I am finally in the last weekend of my summer school classes and it has been really crazy and busy. Today I have worked on a 10-page paper for the last 8 hours! My brain hurts! haha I have just 4 more days of class and then it is off to Colorado to spend almost two weeks with my family!. I am excited to take Tom to Cortez and show him why I left in the first place! haha, no its a nice place and I am pretty lucky. I also will be playing in a softball tournament that i normally play in every year in a small town near Cortez called Mancos. It is so much fun!. We are also going to stay at my cabin, go fishing, hang at the lake, show him around the town, visit family and friends, and also meet my baby nephew for the first time! I cannot wait. I actually just finished his baby present and I will post a picture of the final project as soon as I show his mom!

Next Month: Complete Tom's groomsmen pics and get ready for school!!

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