Monday, July 12, 2010

What a WEEK!

Well it has been a tough one for us. We haven't had as much adversity as now. Satan is really working on us because he knows we are doing the right thing! We have each other and that it the best part of all! both of our cars broke down this week! haha that was hard but we made it work! The best thing about this week was on Wed. the 7th of July, my best friend had her baby! I am dieing not to be there with the new baby boy and my bestie. She named him Tayson Ray and he is absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way! I am hoping to continue working hard in school and it will be over in 2 Weeks I CANNOT WAIT!! Also this weekend i will be traveling up to Provo to pick up my wedding dress and Tom's wedding band. I am so excited to see how his ring turned out! Then the following week, we are headed to CO to hang with my family, show thomas around and hang with the new baby!!!!

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