Saturday, November 13, 2010

Birthdays and Crafts

Since I bought Tom that Xbox game lol I decided that while he is busy playing it that I could do something that I love. CRAFTS!! Now the only problem is crafts can be super expensive, but I have found some amazing blogs on cheap crafts! I decided to make a x-mas wreath to hang on the door. I went to the dollars store and bought a wreath, garland, decorations, bell, ribbon, and a sign and the grand total for this awesome wreath I made was $6.00!! It was so much fun making!!I have some other crafts that I will be working on and will post the final project when they are complete!!!

Tom celebrated his 23rd birthday yesterday! It was a lot of fun planning for it earlier in the week. I made hi leave the house for about 2.5 hours so I could get everything set up. I attempted to make his favorite dinner which is flank steak! That is real hard to make but I gave it my best effort!! I also cooking mashed potatoes, rolls and made a salad for the two of us, and we topped the meal off with sparkling cider. The dinner was my first surprise for him! My next surprise was I baked a cake and decorated it for him. I put the BYU logo on it and I actually did a pretty dang good job if I say so myself! The last surprise was his presents. My grandma sent him a card and he was able to open that with the gifts I got him. She sent him money, and I bought him candy and the new HALO game which he was stoked about. I didnt even plan anything for later that night because I new he would want to try out the game!! All in all it was a great birthday for him! and I enjoyed spoiling him!

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