Thursday, January 13, 2011

Honeymoon to San Diego!!!

Well Christmas break this year was unlike any other break we have ever had! We happened to travel the whole southwest corner in 3 weeks! (don't do that) Although it was A LOT of traveling, it was a lot of fun visiting my family and friends and Tom's family and friends, along with some alone time along the way... aka Honeymoon. My mom happens to be the "cheapest deal" finder in the family for trips to different places so we turned the role over to her to help us try and find a place we could go for our Honeymoon. I really wanted to go to some place in California because I have never been there before! So she found an awesome deal at a resort in San Diego!! We headed to San Diego a week before school started and it was so much fun! We were only there for four days (because that's all we could afford) but we took every second that we had to go places in San Diego. We flew from Las Vegas to Sand Diego and arrived at noon in San Diego,

We decided for the half of a day that we had we would go visit a place called Old Town( free shuttle from the hotel to Old Town... we are cheap) We had a great time seeing all of the old buildings and going through all of the old shops ( which reminded me a lot of Mexico). That night we were so tired from all of the traveling, that we decided to relax and sit in the hot tub at the resort!

The next morning we were off to Sea World! It was sooo much fun. I had been to the Sea World in Texas when I was younger but had forgotten how big a Killer Whale actually is!! They are HUGE! We watched 2 Shamu shows, a dolphin show, and a sea lion show and they were all so awesome! We also got to interact with the animals at Sea World like petting the Sting Rays, and Dolphins and things like that! We had a BLAST!

The next day we decided to go to the San Diego Zoo! They say it is the best zoo around and they are totally right! we saw some sweet-looking animals and the landscape was amazing!! IT was a great honeymoon and a great way to end our Christmas break!

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