Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Say Hello to Mrs Betty Crocker Jr..... and Ralphy!!

Well I know it has been awhile since my last post and a few things have changed. School is in full swing now! we are underway for the Spring Semester and are so busy! We are so busy throughout the day that we hardly get to spend time together (it will pay off in the long run...hopefully) and often time I don't get home until 7 or 8! Although we are not fans of these long days, we are so grateful that we are going to school and that we both have jobs(especially in these hard economic conditions). Which leads me to my next point... Thomas Got A JOB!!! One day while walking through the halls of one of these buildings here at Dixie, I saw an ad for a place in the mall hiring. It was called Sunstop, and I texted Thomas about it. He said he would call the guy and see if they were still hiring. I kind of knew he wasn't interested in this job but being the GREAT husband he is, he went and interviewed with the guy. He got Hired!! He loves it( much to my surprise) and they are awesome to work around his schedule with football and school. Another point... Thomas started off-season football last week!!!They started running  and lifting as a team last week! He runs( with his team) at 5 in the MORNING ( glad it's not me) and then lifts later that day 4 days a week for both!
 We also decided to expand our little family... No its not what you are thinking... WE BOUGHT A FISH!! He is the cutest little guy and we love him! We named him Ralphy because we thought the name was super dorky but it also had some significance( the little guy on the Christmas Story is named Ralphy and that is the first movie we watched the first time we hung out... cut I know!)
Since we are so busy during the week, we have a hard time finding a decent hour to sit down and have dinner together. We often times just make something small like spaghetti or grilled cheese and things like that. One thing I always try to do is, make meals on the weekend (especially for Sunday Dinner).  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY CROCKPOT! It is a complete life saver! I throw the food together in the morning and let it slow cook all day long!! so easy! I also sometimes do this throughout the week! In the last few weeks i have make cranberry-orange drumsticks, cranberry pork roast, chicken and rice, and sweet and sour chicken! Here is some pics of my amazing Betty Crocker Skills!!!
Our Fish Ralphy Ramage!
Cranberry orange drumsticks
cranberry pork roast!
Oh a little side note, we hit our 2 months anniversary this last week and I came home to find a note and dinner made from my hubby. he couldnt share it with me because of class but I loved it!
Sweet and sour chicken!!!

All of these recipes were so great I recommend all of them!!! :)

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