Sunday, February 13, 2011

i LOVEd today!!

Thomas and I decided to celebrate Valentine's early this year because we are both going to be so busy tomorrow with work and school!  What better thing to do than celebrate a little love a day early!! We both set limits on what we could get each other ( because we are broke), but that was just fine with the both of us! Thomas had to work on Friday and Saturday so we couldn't do anything those two nights. While Thomas was at work on Saturday, I decided to make cupcakes for him! They turned out great although my skills in drawing on cupcakes is lacking quite a bit! On Sunday was the big day and we went to church of course, but after we had planned to make homemade pizzas for each other and since it was Valentines Day of course we made them in the shape of hearts! They turned out AWESOME and were soo yummy! We had such a great day and I honestly can say with out a doubt that I love him more every day!
Enjoy our pics! Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hard at work or hardly working??

Happy Valentine's Sunday!

I LOVE that he loves me!

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