Tuesday, May 17, 2011

6 Month Anniversary...almost!

I have been so bad about blogging the last few months!!! I guess I just was so overwhelmed with school, I forgot to do it!!! So this will be a PICTURE OVERLOAD to catch you all up!!
I have been selling beanies!!! These are some of the beanies and blankets that I made so these little cuties could get there pictures taken!!

We recently bought a tent so we could go camping over Easter Weekend! We were so excited about the tent that we had a camp out at our house before so we could test it out! haha I didn't want to sleep on the living room floor so we put it on top of our bed!! It was a very brilliant idea and it will definitely be something we do with our kids!
We decided to go camping at  Sand Hollow for our first Easter together! It was so much fun to get out and relax!!

Easter Sunday we both put on Easter egg hunts for each other it was so fun!
 The semester went by real fast but I am happy its over! Thomas and I did AMAZING in all of our classes and I had the opportunity to help out with graduation because I am an ambassador.President Monson was going to be the guest speaker for the commencement and to make a long story short, and I am not quite sure how it happen but so grateful it did, I got to meet the Prophet of God! It was an amazing moment and I was able to hug him and laugh with him and shake his hand and it will definitely be something I will remember forever.

Other news! I started a new job as a CNA down here and I am loving it! I am excited for the future to see where life takes us!

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